Get Cooking And Be A TV Chef With Vine

January 31, 2013

Food and Drink

Tired of trying to follow recipe cookbooks? Find yourself shouting “show me what that step looks like (insert name of celebrity chef here)!” – I know I am. Don’t have enough time to watch half-an-hour to an hour cooking shows? Jamie did his best with his 15 minute meals, but I’ve found a way that cuts following a recipe down to just six seconds – well sort of.

Vine, Twitter’s social network video service, lets users record six seconds of video on their iPhone. Co-founder of Vine Dom Hofmann created a video of steak tartare being made – all in six delicious seconds.

Steak tartare in six seconds. via @
dick costolo

Others have followed suit by documenting what they’re cooking in the kitchen – I’ve selected some of my favourites for your viewing pleasure.

Cheddar cheese ice cream… that’s just wrong.

And my absolute favourite, you just can’t beat a bacon and egg sandwich. If someone could make me a gif of the bacon cooking that would be great. Hungry yet?

And here’s what people have been saying about Vine and cooking.

Someone start a Vine cooking show yet?
Clark Wimberly

Vine should be renamed “The Cooking Channel”
Charles Wood

Checking out Vine. Expect we’ll see lots of fast and choppy @ style sequences of people cooking their dinner in the near future.
Matt Wright

guys hurry up and get on Vine im getting tired of people cooking and doing pushups
garbage boy

Cooking and doing pushups simultaneously? Now that’s a skill.

Vimeo have released details of a cooking video recipe challenge – I wonder if you can enter your Vine video? Now if only I had an iPhone…

Will Vine change the way you cook? Tell me in the comments section below.


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