Vegetarian Winter Warmer Recipes

November 8, 2012

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As far as I’m concerned, one of the best things about winter is the excuse to dig out my recipe book. The one with all my favourite recipes Mum taught me to make, and cooking up some good old fashioned winter warmers. You know the ones; cottage pie, stew and dumplings, toad in the hole, all those tasty comfort foods that give you the happy warm feeling which is so badly needed when the cold weather sets in!

However, in recent years I have done very little of this kind of cooking. The reason for this as you may have noticed above, is that all of the things my Mum taught me to cook have meat in them and I am now married to a vegetarian.

I am not usually too bothered by my other halves vegetarianism, in fact all the cooking I have done since meeting him has been vegetarian and I’ve never really missed cooking meat. However this winter for some reason I’m really craving those winter warmers! (and no, I am not pregnant) Maybe it is simply because now we are married and clearly married people eat grown up food like cottage pie right?!

So anyway I have decided that I am going fix this problem and have a look at my favourite source of food inspiration pinterest to see if I can find some vegetarian winter warmers to try out this winter.

Mexican Veggie Soup with Lime & Avocado

What can be more warming than soup on a winters day? Probably a nice tasty Mexican soup! Packed full of beans and vegetables this should be filling winter warmer. A small note, on the recipe it says to use chicken stock you will obviously need to substitute this for vegetable stock to make it properly vegetarian.


Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Sticking to the Mexican  theme I have to try this Sweet Potato Black Bean Chilli, just looking at it with all it’s bright colours makes me feel warmer!


French Onion Soup

Soup is the perfect winter warmer and this French Onion soup looks all the more comforting with it’s yummy melty cheese, don’t you just want to dunk that chunk of bread right in the middle of that delicious gooey cheese?! YUM!


Gardener’s Shepherd Pie

I am most excited by this discovery, it’s not quite a vegetarian Cottage Pie but a vegetarian Shepherds Pie is basically the same thing right? In fact as the only real difference between a Shepherds Pie and a Cottage Pie is the type of meat used this version may as well just be called a Gardener’s Pie, either way I can’t wait to try out this veggie version winter warmer classic!



Do you have any tried and tested veggie winter warmer recipes? Share them with us below so we can all give them a try!


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