Wedding Colour Theme: Spring Pastels

April 20, 2012


Themed weddings can be as subtle or as strong as you like. Colour themed weddings are a lovely subtle way of pulling the different parts of your wedding together. Every month we will bring you a post about a wedding colour theme, this month Spring Pastels…

Spring Wedding via MoonSoleil

When doing a theme wedding the main elements you need to ensure coincide with the theme are; your dress, your colour scheme, flowers and table decorations. We will take you through all these elements with some ideas of how to do a Spring Pastels wedding:

Colour Scheme

Your colour scheme is key for your wedding as it will tie everything in together For a spring-inspired wedding, the key colours you need to think about are pastels; aqua, baby blue, pink, lemon and peach. the colour scheme can be used through your bridesmaid dresses, sashes on chairs, invitations and flowers If you keep them similar throughout it will look like you have really put a lot of thought into your wedding and will make it look gorgeous!

You can easily pick more than one colour, as long as they are complimentary. Try light blue and ivory, lavender and yellow, light blue and pastel green or chocolate and ivory.

Your Dress

When thinking about your dress you need to consider the time of year you are getting married and then choose your material accordingly. Also be brave and consider adding in some colour, there are some gorgeous dresses which have a hint of colour in them which looks very pretty.

You also need to consider your accessories when picking your dress. For example it might be a good idea to buy a wrap in case it is cold or an umbrella if it is wet. You also need to consider your hair accessories and/or veils. We would recommend a wedding tiaras or some hair flowers so when you are buying your dress, think about your jewellery and how you would like your hair to look.


When picking flowers, it is more cost effective to chose flowers which are in season and to mix and match colours. Some spring flowers to consider are Cherry blossom, Daffodil, Lilac, Magnolia, Pansy, Peony, Sweetpea and Violet.

Table Decorations

watering can wedding favours

With regards to table decorations, think garden party. Use light colours, candles and simple decoration. Another lovely idea is for seed packets as wedding favours. They can come in cute watering cans and are to give to your guests to represent your growing relationship… aw…..!

We hope this has helped give you some inspiration into a spring pastels theme but if you need some more, check out this image bundle of gorgeous spring weddings.

Do you have a themed wedding? Do you have any advice for brides to be? Let us know…


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