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March 29, 2012

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Hands up anyone who accumulates more stuff every time they leave their house? Thought so. I’m not a hoarder or anything but there are always those things you just can’t throw away. Old Cd’s (I don’t even have a cd player anymore), birthday cards (mostly from people I don’t know anymore), clothes (that are 3 sizes too small for me) the list goes on and on. I have an entire wardrobe dedicated to the weird, the wonderful and the downright useless.

I’m moving in with my partner next month and that means another person’s things will have to cohabit in the same space as my things, my many piles and towering multitude of things. (Oh God).

I love it when you go to visit a friend’s house and everything has it’s home, a place of it’s own like a shelf or drawer. But all my stuff just lives EVERYWHERE, because there’s so much of it. So it’s time for a clear out because if I injure myself on one more item of bric-a-brac that I didn’t even know I had one more time,  I’m going to take the lot and throw it out of the window.

So aside from the pre- move clear out I’m planning, I’m also looking into cool storage ideas for my cosy new pad. If you are creatively minded and/or have willing hands to help you cut, stick and drill, there are some amazing ways to store your bits and bobs without it costing the earth. Check these out.

laundry ladder

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Ok so it doesn’t exactly help create more space, but it certainly moves your bits and pieces off the ground where you won’t be able to stand on them. This is an amazingly cheap option, it’s easy to make and you can use it for a multitude of purposes, to hang wet washing up, to store extra clothing, or even to hang pots and pans up. It just generally keeps everything off the floor (no… it doesn’t live there, pick that up).

ladder towel rack

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I also saw this standing ladder, a makeshift towel rail, which is pretty cool and rustic looking, you could even have it in your kitchen for tea towels. You would have no problem finding an old wooden ladder in a charity shop, in your Grandad’s old shed or even on Ebay. Then sand it down and give it a lick of paint in your choice of colour. Lovely.

underbed storage idea

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Under the bed storage is maybe the best idea ever. Lots of beds nowadays have drawers built in already but if you don’t have them fear not! It can be hard to get your hands on an old chest of drawers, but most charity shops and thrift stores will have an old set for under £30, so you can sand down the front and screw on some shiny new handles for a vintage look that is more practical than a plastic storage box.

shutter headboard

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This is an awesome idea if you just have a plain divan or a headboard that needs sprucing up. Again, it should be easy to pick up some old shutters from a charity shop or for around £40 on Ebay, paint them up and hang on the wall where the headboard should be, or attach it to the existing headboard.


Image via diy ideas

Hanging shoe racks are available from all diy shops and homeware stores like B&Q, Ikea and HomeBase. Attach them to the back of your bedroom or wardobe door and you can store all kinds of nonsense in them, it doesnt have to be shoes!


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Where do your bathroom supplies live? I am lucky enough to have an en- suite to keep all my loo roll, shampoos and girlie bathroom bits in- but not for much longer. This is a lot of work and probably wont be possible if you are renting because it will mark the walls, but its an old dolls house attached to the wall, creating an amazing storage space for all your soaps, sponges etc.


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So this one’s a bit out there, but it’s so awesome I couldn’t resist. Introducing, the ‘polar bear storage unit!’ It’s hardly compact (not to mention it will cost you £1258) but if you know a crafty carpenter or woodwork enthusiast you could beg to make you a miniture one your nick nacks would thank you forever.

How do you keep your trinkets tidy? Don’t forget to leave any tips and suggestions in the box below.


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