The Cute List – Volume 6

March 26, 2012


I can’t believe it’s Monday again already… where did the weekend go?

If you’re caught in a Monday slump, why not cheer yourself up with a nice big dose of cute fluffy animals?

This week, we have gone zooside for our ‘aww’s, so stay tuned for cute baby elephants, red pandas and koalas.

But first, a duck with who doesn’t know the meaning of personal boundaries…

Duck Follows Puppy

It’s great when you make a friend, isn’t it? However, I can’t help but get the feeling that this duck may be a little bit needy. Hanging on to his new best mate’s every move, the poor puppy can’t get shot of him.

Have you not heard the saying? ‘Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen…’

Cute Baby Elephant Steps on Trunk

I can’t decide whether this is one of the cutest or most frustrating videos I’ve seen today. This baby elephant takes ages to figure out how to take a step, but when he finally does, he crunches his trunk. Ouch.

Don’t worry mate, it does get easier…

Baby Red Panda Swagger

On the other end of the ‘cool’ spectrum, this baby red panda seems to have walking down to an art, right down to that funky little swagger. Watch and learn, baby elephant!

Baby Francois Langur Monkey

How cute is this monkey? This is actually quite an old video, but who cares? She’s adorable!

Unfortunately, this little bundle was abandoned by her mother, so the keepers at Taronga Zoo had to take 24 hour care of her.

Here’s hoping she’s doing a lot better on her own now!

First Medical Exam for Koala Joeys

Finally, we’re going to bring things right up to date with this video, which was only released a couple of weeks ago by San Diego Zoo.

The two baby koalas, named Thackary and Milo, were filmed as they were given their first routine medical checkup. Thankfully, both joeys were given a clean bill of health.

Have you seen anything cute recently? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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