The Cute List- Volume 5

March 12, 2012


Hey, so it has been a while since we have done a cute list for you, so I thought I would bring one to you today to make you smile this Monday morning!

In this edition otters holding hands, a baby gorilla making it’s first steps and a skateboarding dog!

Otters holding hands

This video is from the Vancouver Aquarium and shows two otters napping an holding hands, aw cute….


Husky Stops baby from crying!

This video is of a Siberian Husky who howls to make a 4 month old baby stop crying!


Baby Gorilla makes her first steps

A cute little video of a baby gorilla trying to make it’s first steps:


Horse pushes dog on skateboard

Short funny video of a horse giving a dog a skateboarding lesson:


Pomeranian Puppies

This is a video of the cutest puppies ever, the Pomeranian:


Siku the Danish polar bear cub

Siku is such a cute little polar bear from the Danish Wildlife Park

Well that’s all the cute we have for you this week. If you find anything cute, let us know about it and it might get featured in the next cute list!

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