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March 9, 2012

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So I hear Ikea have launched a channel of YouTube clips because their ‘easy assemble’, flat packed furniture isn’t so easy to assemble after all. On observing these clips however,it really doesn’t make it massively easier. Last year I tried to help my heavily pregnant best friend construct her rocking cradle… God help anyone who tries to actually rock it, or indeed the child who had to sleep in it.

After being subjected to five flat moves in as many years, I can tell you with confidence, I have spent many an hour up to my eyeballs in pieces of flat packed furniture which no more resembles a wardrobe then flee in the air. But fear not! Spending an hour and a half holding a hammer the wrong way round trying to work out which groove fits where, before nursing sore fingers from trying to jam screws into holes they don’t fit into, just to find my pyjama bottoms stuck to the carpet with super glue is a thing of the past. There is an easier way.

Customising your flat needn’t mean an unhappy landlord and severely damaged deposit. For those of you who can’t decorate your humble abode because of your lease agreements, adhesive wall stickers could be the best way to make your pad a colourful and welcoming place to lay your hat and when you want to remove them, you simply wet them down and they should come off with ease. Here are some of my favourites;

Tree sticker

Image by teamstickergiant

This cute tree sticker would be ideal in a kiddie’s room, although it looks like it takes a bit of expertise getting all of the individual leaves on but it makes you look like a true artist… brilliant!

city people stickers

Image by globochem3x1minus1

This cool city scene features a husky pup, an Eskimo, an alien spaceship, a carousel pony and a Vespa. What more could you really want? Edgy and contemporary, this design looks tough to recreate but it’s a really creative way to achieve the look you want in a room.

lightbulb stickers

Image by DaveFayram

Lights, camera, action! These cool stage style lights look like they have been painted straight onto the wall.

chandelier sticker

Image by SimonCMason

Even on a textured wall, this chandelier design is also available in a candlestick option, which looks awesomely vintage on this mustard coloured wall.

lamp post sticker

Image by SimonCMason

Hello? London calling! An imposing but cool, vintage- looking street lamp is perhaps too big for most people, but if you dare to be bold, you could recreate this completely unique design at a really reasonable price online.

What kind of design would you have at home, and in which room? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments box below!


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