Prepare your spring garden on a budget

February 20, 2012

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Spring is getting closer, sunnier and longer days are coming so it’s time to start preparing your garden for enjoying the new season. Here at Calm Your Beans we know that you are probably interested in saving some money, that’s why we’ve prepared this little guide for preparing your spring garden on a budget!

Decide how much you want to spend on your garden

Start with a budget and stick to it, decide on the basic elements you want for your garden and look for the best deals before you actually purchase something. Some DIY stores usually have great offers on furniture during winter months, consider this and decide what’s the best time of the year to buy the things you need for your garden.

Source: via Jack on Pinterest

Create a garden map

Study the available space in your garden and decide how you’re going to arrange the items that you’re planning on buying. Draw the lawn, flowers, vegetables or decorations that you’d like to have in your garden.

After studying your lawn areas, you might find that some of them are quite difficult to maintain. A nice solution is using fake lawn, check artificial grass prices online and consider if this might be a cheaper option compared to planting new lawn.

Decide which flowers you want to plant

Make a list of the new flowers that you’d like to have in your garden, we’ve created a pinterest board with the best options for spring, go ahead and take a look for some inspiration!

You can use your own seeds, keep them from the flowers and vegetables that you grew in your garden during the previous season. Pick the seeds and allow them to dry after placing them in labelled bags. When spring starts, plant these seeds in seedling trays and keep them in a warm indoors environment until they’re ready to be transplanted to the garden.

Source: via Jack on Pinterest

Ask for cuttings from someone in your neighbourhood, people love to share the plants they’re proud of! This is a cheap way to have new flowers in your garden, keep the cuttings in water and make sure you check the water until they can be put into soil.

Wait until frost season is over

Make sure you start working on your garden when really cold temperatures are over. Don’t plant anything until then or you might be surprised by frost and will have to buy new flowers again.

When the temperature is slightly warmer take the seedling trays outdoors to help in the transition from an indoor environment to an outdoor one.

Create your own garden decorations

Restore those old chairs in your garden and leave them ready for the new season. You can create fantastic garden decoration with little money, take a look at this DIY bird feeder from a recycled bottle!

DIY bird feeder

DIY bird feeder via Shelterness

Do you have your own tips for preparing a garden? Want to share your DIY decoration ideas? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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