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January 17, 2012

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Take a look at everything that is surrounding you, every single item has been designed for a purpose, from the simple pen placed by your side on the desk to the chair in which you’re currently sitting. Of course not everything around us is well designed, and most of the objects that we find in our daily life lack in some of the aspects that differentiate a good design from a bad one.

The following list presents some of the most iconic industrial and furniture designs, if you’re a design enthusiast go to our Bundlr profile to discover more design classics!

Alvar Aalto Stool

Alvar Aalto was a Finish designer and architect. He spent several years researching the properties of wood and was a pioneer in the use of bent plywood for making furniture. This three legged stool is one of his most recognizable designs.

Alvar Aalto Stool

Alvar Aalto Stool via MoMA

Dieter Rams calculator

Grab your iPhone and take a look at the calculator app, then check the picture below, similar huh? Dieter Rams is an industrial designer who became famous due to his simple and functional designs for Braun. He’s the perfect example that good designs are timeless, most of his iconic products have more than 40 years and have inspired the aesthetics of some of the products currently manufactured by Apple!

Dieter Rams Calculator

Dieter Rams Calculator via Vitsoe

Eames lounge chair         

Charles and Ray Eames were a couple of American designers. They made a huge contribution to modern architecture and furniture with pieces as the one shown in the picture. Wouldn’t you want to own this chair? Unfortunately I still can’t afford it, but every time I go to a shop that stocks it I spend a while sitting on it and wishing it was mine!


Eames lounge chair

Eames lounge chair via Vitra

Bialetti coffeemaker

You’ve seen it everywhere, the Bialetti coffeemaker design has been copied dozens of times! Something that was designed in 1933 can be found in our kitchens in 2012, yet another example of good design!

Bialetti coffeemaker

Bialetti coffeemaker via Retro to Go


What are your favourite designs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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