Alternative wedding favour ideas

January 5, 2012


If 2012 is the year you’re getting married, you may already be in full wedding planning mode. While big things like the venue and the dress get planned months in advance, smaller details like the favours can be forgotten until the last minute.

A lot of people aren’t keen on wedding favours as thoughts of sugar almonds wrapped in coloured lace are conjured up, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can make your wedding favours as creative as you like, and we’ve found some of our favourite ideas from all over the web.


Something handmade.


If you feel like taking on the task of making favours for your wedding guests, then it’s a great chance to make something really personal that they will want to take with them at the end of the night. These cute bird hair clips could be perfect for all the little girls attending the wedding, and other favours could be made to suit the other guests, meaning everyone gets their own little gift.


Something edible.


While sweets are quite an obvious wedding favour to give, something like tea is something that guests can take away with them and enjoy later. This tea for two idea by Martha Stewart is also great because it emphasises togetherness and love. Plus it’s so cute there are no words.


Something your guests can keep forever.

Image via The Original Wedding Tea Towel

While wedding favours are usually expected, a lot of them get left behind at the end of the night because a lot of guests either forget about them or don’t want them (sugar almonds, we’re talking to you here). So why not make sure you give your guests something then definitely won’t want to leave behind.

The Original Wedding Tea Towel company makes personalised wedding tea towel favours so that guests can always be reminded of your special day. These can also be used as invites too if you’re not too keen on the paper version.


Something useful.


If you want to ensure your guests leave with your wedding favours tucked firmly in their pockets or handbags, why not give them something they can use. These little jars of matches are perfect, as they’ll be of use to all your guests (except the children, of course). They can also be customised with cute slogans about the bride and groom being the perfect match for the added “awww” factor.

Have you come across any other amazing wedding favour ideas? Let us know in the comment box below!


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