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November 25, 2011


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Tomorrow is the start of National Tree week. It is a week long celebration the green areas around the country and looks to the people of the UK to help raise awareness of the importance of our forests.Tree planting has fallen to its lowest in three decades and with the UK being one of the least wooded countries left in Europe it is of utmost importance that we work to improve the levels of native trees being planted.

The National tree week also raises awareness for the conservation work and communities that are located all around the country. The week encourages individuals and community organisations to get involved and help plant trees for future generations to enjoy. There are events all over the UK. Here are a couple worth checking out and getting involved in.

If you live in the Lewisham there is an event happening on the 4th December details are:

To celebrate National Tree Week, the Friends of Mayow Park are organising a gardening session  on Sunday 4th December 2011 from 11am to 1pm at the Pavilion Triangle. There will be a chance  to plant trees and fruit bushes.  If you would like to help with digging and planting please bring suitable tools.

If you are in the area of the New Forest they are also running an event on the 3rd of December:

On Saturday 3 December the New Forest National Park team will be exploring Denny Wood near Lyndhurst as part of an ancient tree survey to find the oldest and largest trees in the New Forest.

There is a real worry that many of the oldest trees are now becoming endangered due to farmers ploughing too close to them, or use fertilisers and pesticides that affect them, animals graze too intensively, or their defecations poison the trees, footpaths can compress the roots, and trees are knocked down. Once these ancient trees are gone they are gone and will not be easily replaced. Another important reason for saving these ancient trees is wildlife preservation . The trees play a large part in the ecological system with three-quarters of the UK’s bat species are known to roost in them and many plants and insects rely on them to provide habitat.

We created a map to show where some of the oldest trees can be found and selection of other amazing forests that we need to work together to save.

Click on the map to view locations


Are you doing anything for National Tree Week? Do you have any recomendaitions that we could put on our map? Please let us know in the comments.

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