Five more cute internet critters

October 2, 2011


Yes it’s that time of the week – get ready for your weekly dose of cuteness!

We have a few treats in store this week, including a cute cheetah, some hungry kittens and a musical pug. All together now – aww!

Play him off, keyboard dog

Yes we’ve all heard of keyboard cat – but now it seems canines want in on the action too. There are a fair few out there but this is without a doubt the cutest. Take it away, keyboard pug!

Kittens accidentally turn on a vacuum

Hey, if they want to do the housework, who are we to stop them?

Cheetah kitten meowing

Nothing is cuter than a little kitten that will grow up to be a big powerful hunting machine. Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?! I wouldn’t want to be about when it gets older though…

Noisy kittens wait for dinner

I’m pretty sure every cat owner will relate to this video! Funny how they shut up as soon as dinner is served…

Cat vs. static balloon

I can’t tell whether this is cute or cruel. Either way, it is very funny!

Have you found any cute videos lately? Tell us about them in the comments section below or on facebook!

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