Spanx for men!

August 21, 2011

Life and Spirit


Women have been deceiving men for years, but now men are in on the secret and they’re playing us at our own game! Yes for many years woman all over the world have been appearing a dress size smaller by squeezing themselves into Lycra bodysuits. Now men too have their very own weapon to fight the flab, a pair of Bodyscult Trunks!

Once an embarrassing secret, Lycra pants were made famous by the Bridget Jones movies and soon every woman was unashamed of their magic knickers! The Lycra contraption (often called Spanx) works by lifting and firming flabby backsides, sucking in tummies and smoothing away so called love handles.

The men’s alternative works in the same way and promises to help reduce beer bellies! The new Bodyscult Trunks, or manx, are available from Asda at the bargain price of £10. Asda first introduced figure-hugging underwear in 2009 when it released its body sculpting vest, which became known as the moob tube.

Heather Moreton, men’s clothes manager for Asda said: “We know some guys worry about unmanageable body wobbles just as much as women do so why not offer them a little helping hand to look their best too?”

So what do you think about the new Bodysculpt Trunks? Would you still find your man sexy if he revealed a lovely pair of manx before bed? And do you think many men will actually feel masculine wearing them?

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