5 spot cures in your cupboard

August 4, 2011

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We’ve all been there – you have a big meeting in the morning or a hot date and you spot a big red zit bubbling up on your chin. If you don’t have time to run to the chemist or the cash to spend on fancy skin treatments, it can be a real nightmare.

Never fear! There is a huge range of cheap, natural spot cures that are in almost every household’s cupboard. Take a look at this list of our favourite remedies and you will have flawless skin in no time for mere pennies!


A firm favourite with ladies the world over, toothpaste will dry out your spots and reduce any redness or greasiness. Just pop a small dot of the paste on the offending pimple and leave overnight.

Just remember that as toothpaste is very drying, so it’s not a good idea to use on sensitive skin. It’s not great for your skin in the long term, either, so just use it once every so often and avoid making it a regular part of your skin regime.

Salt Water

You can also avoid spots by washing your face with a salt water solution – made by mixing 2 teaspoons of sea salt with 50 ml of water. Again, this reduces greasiness in the skin and dries up any potential zits. It can also act as a great exfoliant if you gently massage the solution into your skin.

Wash the solution off after around 20 minutes and be sure to moisturise afterwards to replace any essential moisture that the salt water might have stripped away.

Also make sure you make the solution with sea salt, not table salt. Table salt is iodised, which can do more harm than good, whereas sea salt is much gentler and will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.


This kitchen staple is great for drying out spots, reducing redness and soaking up any excess oil, and it has the added boon of smelling great!

Make a luxurious face mask by adding grated apple or pineapple, and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Repeat two or three times a week to start seeing results.

Unlike toothpaste and salt water, honey is a great moisturiser, so you don’t need to worry about this treatment drying out your skin. It’s also great for healing scars that have been left by spots gone by.


For a more targeted treatment, try mixing apple vinegar with water. Dab onto problem areas using cotton balls and leave on overnight.

The vinegar will dry out the spot and absorb any excess oil as you sleep, so you can look forward to waking up with flawless skin.

Baking Soda

This versatile powder can be great for scrubbing dirty dishes, but did you know it’s also fab for cleaning out your skin?

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with two droplets of water and apply directly onto the spot for 20 minutes. The powder will exfoliate your skin, clean out pores and leave your face feeling oh-so-soft.

What are your favourite spot cures? Let us know in the comments section below!

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