Top 5 family friendly attractions from all over the UK

July 21, 2011


The summer season has finally begun to wind down with August a little over a week away. Need ideas to get your family out and taking advantage of the best of Britain before we slip into Autumn? We’ve got five different family friendly attractions right here in the UK that are great for getting kids out, moving, learning and most of all, having fun.

5. Culzean Castle and Country Park
They probably host the largest number of family events out of all the National Trust for Scotland properties, and it’s all just a quick hop away from Glasgow. The grounds have plenty of wide open space to have fun in while the castle is a real fairy tale type of place if you have a kid going through the Princess Phase. Tip: The park’s ranger services always have some kind of outdoor workshop running for kids, though you have to book it quick!

4. Marwell Wildlife Park
All types of animals from around the world, together and running free in a spacious Hampshire setting, with plenty of different types of ecosystems to explore. The penguins in particular are pretty cool, no pun intended. Tip: Book a summer term with the educational service to gain some knowledge of and hands on experience with the animals in the park.

3. Vindolanda
Families with budding junior archaeologists definitely have to pay a visit to this Roman fort: it’s a chance to see real, working excavations! The highlight is definitely getting to explore the ruins up close, as nothing’s marked off. Although we have to say that the 3D movie they have in the visitor’s centre is pretty spiffy too. Tip: Follow it up with a trip slightly to the north and spend some time hiking along Hadrian’s Wall to get a feel for what it would have been like as a Roman soldier serving along the frontier.

Image via Lawrie Cate

Image via Lawrie Cate

2. Eden Project
Its white honeycomb domes nestled in the Cornwall countryside look like science fiction, but this garden is one of the best places for kids to learn about real ecology and environmental protection while having fun too. They also have music, art and theatre events running throughout the year. Tip: Use “green” transportation to get there and you’ll get a discount on your ticket.

1. Jorvik Viking Centre
Vikings are cool, proven fact. And they’re even cooler when you can come face to face with one in the streets of old York. Interactive workshops, working digs and exhibitions are the main attractions here, along with getting to dress up like a viking. Special events, including living history events, are featured throughout the tourist season, be sure to check out their website before heading out. Tip: The Viking Festival in February is also pretty spectacular if you’ve got some time off.


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