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July 5, 2011

Health and Fitness

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We are all very different when it comes to keeping fit.  There are the gym bunny types who are up at the crack of dawn to fit in their early morning run or swim before heading off to work, later followed by a gym session on the way home.

There are those of us who walk the dog, perhaps walk to work instead of getting the bus, attends the odd fitness class perhaps.

Then of course there are the “I’ll start tomorrow” types!  The ones who want to get fit but just can’t find the motivation to do so; I was one of these people!  Until one day I was asked if I would like to take part in the Edinburgh Moonwalk!

There are loads of different charity events to be involved in, WalkTheWalk, Race For Life, Skyline to name a few and there is no better motivation than knowing that what you are doing is not just for yourself!  If the simple fact that getting fit for charity means you are helping thousands of people is not enough to keep you going; thinking about the money your friends and family have generously given you will help. Then there is the thought that if you don’t get off your backside and do some training you could be the only one of thousands who is too fat to cross the finishing line! (I think that was motivation enough for me…)

From my experience of The Edinburgh Moonwalk it could not have been easier to get fit.  Don’t get me wrong I am in no way suggesting that walking a marathon in your bra at midnight is in anyway easy but the help and support you get from day one makes getting to the big day a walk in the park!  You are given all the informtion you need to getting properly kitted out, a detailed training plan to fit easily around your own schedule and constant reminders that what you are doing is amazing.  Everything you need to help you get in shape and get across that finishing line!

To all those I’ll do it tomorrow types I have to say, find a charity you’d like to support and sign up TODAY I promise you it will be the best thing you have ever done!


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